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Your Burning Questions Answered

HIIT is a fitness model that incorporates short, intense bursts of maximum effort, followed by brief, sometimes active recovery periods. This method increases your VO2 max, boosts your metabolism and maximizes fat burning potential.

Functional fitness trains your muscles to work together by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. Compound movements use multiple muscle groups in the upper and lower body simultaneously emphasizing core stability, maximizing human growth hormone production, and improving balance, coordination and agility.

HIRT layers functional, compound resistance training with intense anaerobic cardio in a single workout for maximum strength gain, muscle growth, and cardiovascular health.

Our custom nutritional strategy, reaps maximum fat burning results using our practical methods that eliminate the need for strict, calorie deprived meal plans.

The Green Frog fitness formula combines “HIRT” and our nutritional strategy to create a workout regimen designed to produce a long term calorie burning effect that continues for up to 30 hours.

Our sessions are 30 minutes long and get maximum benefits in a way that fits your busy lifestyle. HIRT is a fitness method that works for any age, fitness level or body type. All workouts can be modified to accommodate any physical limitations.